Sad Event On A Happy Day

Sweet Gizmo, Anna's beloved kitty, passed away on the morning of graduation. She was sick for several weeks and the vet couldn't diagnose anything solidly.  We assume it was cancer.  Eating and drinking very little lead to eating nothing and drinking sparely -- all while she slept alternatively under Anna's bed or my bed.

Gizmo was under my bed last night and I could hear her making odd soft groans.  I moved my bed out and retrieved her and laid with her on my bed for several hours listening to her labored breathing, smoothing her fur and cooing to her.  I covered her with my comforter gently to shield her from the light.  I fell asleep and then woke to find that she was gone.  I wrapped her in a soft towel and held her for several minutes before waking Anna to say that Gizmo was no longer with us.

I had wondered for awhile what Gizzy would do without Anna when she left for Tulane.  That cat followed that girl around like a puppy. Anna would always say, "Giz, ya wanna go take a shower?"  The cat always had to be in there with Anna.  If she didn't take her in, Gizmo would cry outside the door until I let her in.  Gizmo never wanted to be held though.  My sweet girl tried every single day to hold that silly cat, but Gizmo would cry and wiggle away and Anna would wail "Gizzy, why don't you love me?"  Make no mistake, that kitty adored her and she is missed.


  1. Nancy,

    Hi, I'm a friend of Lisa's. I'm so sorry to hear about Gizmo. Pets are family members at our house. Your opening statement doesn't escape me. Sounds like Gizmo stayed here for Anna as long as she could. Please tell Anna how sorry I am for the loss of her beloved friend.
    Jillian Brasch

  2. Hi Nancy, That's a lovely, moving story.