I gave my friend Marie a tiny little "Thank You" medal the Monday after Don moved out because whether she knew it or not or intended it or not her strength gave me strength. That medal is taped to the edge of her computer screen.

My friend Marie can give you a hug that takes you back to your childhood -- one hand across your shoulders the other along the back of your head, cheek to cheek and you know you are loved.

Ask Marie any question and she'll give you an answer and some very southern words of wisdom to go along with it. For that matter, don't ask Marie a question and she'll give you an answer and some southern words of wisdom to go along with it.

If you have Marie's cell phone programmed into your own, you will never be lost in the State of Texas.

Need firewood?  Marie just split a cord probably.  Need squash? Marie grows a bunch of it but doesn't eat it much. Need Apple Butter?  Marie just made a batch -- get in line behind me!!

Marie called me on Christmas Eve to say she had received a gift from her son in law.  It's a tiny little desk calendar called "Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit!"  I wonder if she wrote it -- especially after the remark she made in the office on the Monday after I recall, "That's harder than pouring melted butter up a wildcat's ass!" I really, really, really wish I could remember what in the hell we were talking about for her to say that!

Marie lives on 55 acres with her husband Tommy and all of their kids and grandkids.  Imagine if your kids could go visit their grandparents everyday, that you could see your grown children everyday, that your daughters could be together everyday if they wanted, and that the little cousins were best friends.  Nana rocks! The family comes and goes out of Marie's house as they please.  A little one stares into her refrigerator on a Saturday morning while his dad is mowing or working on a car down the dirt road.  Marie makes him eggs and toast. He directs her, "I want fwee!" So of course she makes him three, scrambled. One of the older boys plops down on the couch in front of the tube with Tommy, out of sorts with a heavy heart.  Marie says "Who wants banana pudding?" His head pops up with a slight grin and she whips some up from scratch.  On any given day, there is a pot of something on Marie's stove that will feed 14.

Marie has been married to Tommy since she was 15 making their life together now almost 50 years.  Tommy doesn't know me very well, but I know he likes me because he comes to the office from time to time to have coffee with Marie at the front desk and he'll say, "Hey Adams, come on out to the house and we'll do some shootin'!".  I think I'll invite myself over for Thanksgiving!


  1. Is it possible that Marie a Starkey or a Corn?

  2. We've talked about that but she was raised on a farm in Thorndale not Hearn...and she's been an Adams since 1961.