Love is a Battlefield

I bought this journal because I left my other simple one at home and intended to buy a new one at the beginning of this trip.  Today, my first day in Crested Butte in 10ish years, I wander through the Sunday Farmer's Market on Elk then mosey down with Daniel and James in and out of shops 'til I come to this funky, tiny, very crested-butte-ish coffee shop and book store. 
I wander around all 250 square feet of the place looking for a blank journal until the owner extracts himself from the espresso he's drinking with friends and offers to help me.  He's super friendly and somewhat humbled and says he only has a couple of blank writing journals and a couple of sketching journals so what am I looking to do? 
I want a writing journal, I say and he pulls out some hand made paper, wooden covered 3 x 5 sized cuties and this one. I say "Is that Pat Benatar?" and he double checks and says, "Yes, these are made out of recycled album covers." I say, "Well, ya know, Love Is A Battlefield." He says, "Look at you! " and laughs.  I say "I'll take it!" He's a sweet guy and we laugh and talk for a few minutes about…eeegads…the '80's!! 
After I shell out my fourteen bucks, he offers to look up the album on the internet.  It's the Crimes of Passion album which was a hit in 1980 and the single off of it was "Hit Me With Your Best Shot".  I find it entertaining if not ironic that this journal dropped into my hands in July, 30 years after 1980, which was pivitol in my life. Fire away!

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