Go Fish!

Texting with Anna today while she and a friend avoid Mardi Gras...

12:52.  AnnaMy friend Liz and I just got fish.

12:53  Me: Fish? Please explain further.

1:01  Anna: We have 3 goldfish!

1:02  Me: Ok that's cool. Pets. Are they coming home with you tomorrow?

1:04  Anna:  Haha, yes, pets. An no Liz and I share them so they are in her room.

1:05  Me: ok. Y'all are funny.  Have you named them yet?

1:47  AnnaYes, Phillip, Westly, Nelson

1:48  Me: That's hysterical!! LMOA

1:51  Anna I know we saved some Walmart

1:52  MeAnimal activists are you?

2:01  Anna: No but all of the beta fish were dead...

2:02  Me:  Oh no!

3:09  Anna:  Our fish died... :(

3:12  AnnaThat was the shortest fish life ever...

3:15  Me:  Oh no! Did y'all have a fish bowl?

3:18  Me:  Maybe not the shortest fish life.  Guppies eat their babies as soon as they hatch!

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