In memory of Tom Adams

For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.  -- Matthew 6:21

For some unknown reason I feel the need to roll back time to Friday afternoon while Tommy sat with Marie at the front desk sipping iced tea.  I have had sort of a bad day and I need a little pick me up. I walk up and the sight of that ol' boy just puts a smile on my face and he quickly makes some wisecrack about how crappy the refrigerators at the office smell and that makes me laugh!  Tommy ventured out from the house to go for a haircut.  He tells me he likes it high and tight and really, there is nothing that would ever suit him better than that.  His head was meant for a crew cut; his attitude was meant for a Marine; and his heart was meant for Marie.

Tommy is endearing in a crusty, redneck, hardass, old coot, butt head sort of way. I don't know why, but his "Grumpy Old Man" vibe somehow works and people are drawn to him.  What was it that someone said to Marie recently?..."Yea, I know Tom Adams. He's my cousin.  He should be in Huntsville!"  Seriously, he's not a criminal, he's just, well, Tommy!! Marie has told me various stories of how her older grandsons mimic Tommy from time to time and it leaves the family in stitches until they are in tears.  He has a presence that will endure long after he is gone from this earth.

I have this vision of Marie retired and likely alone someday.  She will bolt up out of bed from a sound sleep and start organizing things that might be needed to get someone through their day.  She will realize, with a start, that she is organizing and planning and focusing on herself and she will scratch her head and think really hard about what she needs.  Marie has never had this freedom, this health, this time, this selfishness and she is puzzled by it.  Her girls, her son in laws and her grandkids will come by everyday to see her and will want to do things for her to make her life easier or more pleasant only to find that there is nothing they can do that Marie hasn't already done for herself.

Marie has a heart of gold and knowing her is something I will always treasure.

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