Fresh What?
I was driving home one afternoon along Southwest Parkway which is a highly travelled road that dead ends into Highway 71.  Typically at this intersection, there are a variety of handmade signs advertising garage sales, cleaning services and homes for rent.  One sign catches my eye that still leaves me scratching my says "Fresh Caviar" and a phone number.  WTF?  I kind of want to call the number.  I'm feeling like this is a trap, though.  If I call the number I'll probably be hooked up with someone wanting to reel me into Amway or Arbonne. Still, I'm very tempted to dial the number.

Fun at Work #1
When I first started working for this company, there was a big conference being held in Austin for the Texas Recreation and Parks Society.  Our office would have an exhibit booth during the conference and our marketing people from headquarters sent boxes and boxes of giveaways, brochures, and equipment for the booth.  One day Marie wheeled up a big box on a dolly and dropped it near my desk.  I was talking to Ryan about something or other when I turned my chair to see what it was that she had left for me.  To my surprise, it was a giant box with the words "Blue Balls" printed boldly across the cardboard.  A little stunned and with uncontrollable laughter threatening to spill forth,  I turned back to Ryan and he made some wisecrack like "Yours?" as my forehead hit my desktop.

Fun at Work #2
I have been given the task of getting Jim set up to go on a tubing trip down in San Marcos with a bunch of clients and colleagues.  I load up the company truck with coolers full of beer...Shiner, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and Tecate.  I sliced up a big baggy full of limes for the Tecate (I was told later that that was a huge hit!) I'm digging through the marketing closet looking for doodads that Jim can hand out down there.  I find lip balm with our logo on it and fill up a bag of those. I'm searching for a particular item that would be the perfect giveaway for this event...sunscreen.  Low and behold, I find a bag full of these little silver packages that I kid you not, look like packaged condoms.  My mouth gapes and I say out loud "Oh my God! Are you kidding me?" A head pops up over the cube wall and a young Landscape Architect says to me "We've got you covered!"  I fire back, "You DID NOT just say that!"  He says "No no no!  That's what it says on the package, Nancy!"  Holy moly, yep, the condom shaped sunscreen packages have the company logo on one side and "We've Got You Covered" on the other.

Let's Talk About Ducks
This guy I know was telling me about how he has done some wood carving from time to time.  He does a lot of woodworking and teaches a continuing education class at the high school with a friend of his a couple of times a year.  Many years ago, he was learning how to carve wooden ducks and was talking to his friend about it.  Several days later that friend presented him with a bag full of frozen duck heads (apparently, they live somewhere where duck hunting is a popular sport!) Obviously, this gesture was meant to help this guy I know in his quest to carve the perfect duck...or at least the perfect duck head.  Apparently the frozen duck heads were plopped into the freezer unbeknownst to everyone living in the house, and a shocked shreak was heard, probably throughout the neighborhood, when said frozen heads were discovered by an unsuspecting member of the household.  I'm thinking about what frozen duck heads might look like and whether they would really be a valid model for his carvings.  I wonder if his duck carvings came out looking like dead ducks...maybe that's what he was going for in which case, I'm just a little creeped out.

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  1. What? You owe your readers a follow up on the Cavier story. All that lead up and we will never know? CALL THE NUMBER! Or, send it to me and I will.